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Winter will be here before we know it. Cold weather means cozy blankets, sweaters and cuddling up on the couch with your family to stay warm. Your heating system makes that all a lot easier. We don’t realize how much we depend on our heating system until there’s a problem or it’s not heating properly. That’s why it’s essential to have it serviced before the Winter hits. Let’s take a closer look at why you should have your heating system checked before the colder weather starts, and you need to turn on your heat.

Lower Heating Costs

A well-running HVAC system performs faster and more efficiently, cutting down on the effort it takes to heat your home. This means lower energy costs overall.

More Even Heating

A system that is well-maintained is working more efficiently. This means less cold pockets around your home or underheated rooms. Even heating means better comfort, as well as lower energy costs.

Less Risk

When a technician inspects your heating system in the offseason, they will be able to fix potential problems before they cause your system to break down. A functioning system means less risk of it breaking down in the dead of Winter when you rely on it the most.

Extended Life of Your System

Having your heating system serviced yearly will prevent problems and damage that can occur with a neglected system. This will allow it to function correctly and efficiently, cutting down on costly repairs and maintenance as well as deteriorating components or parts. This will prolong the system’s life, allowing you to get more years of quality heating without inconvenient breakdowns and problems.

Taking care of your heating system by having it serviced before the Winter season will allow it to continue taking care of you and your family by providing you with a warm, comfortable home in the cold weather. For any questions about your current heating system or schedule a service call, contact Neil Slattery Plumbing today.